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Stone coated roofing tile construction.

It is composed of aluminized zinc steel plate as substrate, fingerprint resistant coating, color sand, acrylic resin, acrylic ester.

1) aluminized zinc steel plate is made of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon by hot plating solution. Its workability and coating property are basically the same as galvanized steel plate. The normal service life of aluminized zinc plate is 2--6 times that of ordinary galvanized plate.

2) The above is fingerprint resistant coating, fingerprint resistant coating plays the role of protecting the aluminum zinc plating layer, and fingerprint resistant coating can make the aluminum zinc plating steel plate and color sand for better bonding, fingerprint resistant coating color is divided into colorless transparent and light green.

3) sintered sand is the decorative layer and basic protective layer of metal tile. It is made of basalt particles of a certain particle size through high-tech coloring process and high temperature sintering. With more than ten colors, can resist ultraviolet radiation, can reduce the noise caused by rain to metal tile.

4) acrylic ester is the key material for bonding steel plate and color sand, but also as a protective layer on the surface of sand mining, prevent detailed rain leakage, can prolong the life of sand color.

Color stone metal tile composition:
1. Acrylic coating
2. Sintered sand layer
3. Acrylic adhesive layer
4. Aluminum-zinc alloy layer
5. Substrate steel plate
6. Aluminum-zinc alloy layer
7. Fingerprint resistant protective layer

Types of colored stone metal tile:
Seven-wave tile (arc tile), eight-wave tile (Milano tile), bevelled tile (diamond tile)

Wood tile, square tile, Little Rome, Big Rome.