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The main features of Stone coated roofing tile.

Earthquake resistance - when the earthquake happens, the metal tile will not slide like the general tile, reduce the injury situation.

Lightweight - Light weight, reduce the building load.

Construction convenience - light weight, large area, simple accessories, greatly reduce the construction intensity, shorten the construction time.

Economy - Construction on the roof of an old building, without removing any roofing materials, can be directly constructed, minimizing waste disposal costs.

Color stone metal tile has the characteristics of weatherability, moisture resistance, salt water spray resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, non-combustible.

The product is based on aluminized zinc steel plate, and has multilayer protective film treatment, can withstand cold, hail, storm, rain and snow, and extreme heat, earthquake and other harsh climate and natural disaster attacks, will not crack, aging, fire burning, wind lift, has a long service life.

It can be used for wooden frame, steel frame, all steel grid frame, concrete roof use. Due to its easy bending, cutting and other characteristics, it is suitable for all kinds of buildings, for the slope in (12-90 degrees) roof can also be safely constructed, especially suitable for "flat slope modification and roof renovation" project.

At the same time, it can replace the original clay tile, cement tile, color steel plate, glass fiber asphalt tile, SLATE tile, etc. At the same time of construction, it is unnecessary to remove the original roof, which can be directly constructed. Due to the large surface area of the metal tile, light weight, can be bent, cutting, through the use of a unique buckle design and structure and horizontal napping, mutual connection fixed firm. This kind of dry construction, simple and fast, save materials.