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What is the point of the Stone coated roofing tile?

In recent years, the use rate of traditional roofing tiles such as cement tile and terra cotta tile is getting lower and lower. With the continuous development of building materials industry, asphalt tile and resin tile roofing projects are slowly emerging. Although these materials are relatively novel, there are still big problems after the construction is completed. In coastal areas easy to be blown off, color steel roof tile color durability is not good enough, easy to fade, easy to rust, resin tile flat slope roofing project UV resistance is not enough, easy to aging. After so many problems, there is a new product, stone metal tile.

Color stone metal tile is also known as vermiculite metal tile, aluminum plated zinc steel tile, is a new type of seismic building materials, compared with other tile hardness is higher, the service life can reach more than 50 years.

Color stone metal tile with 0.35mm thickness of anticorrosive performance of strong aluminized zinc steel plate as the base plate, high temperature sintered basalt particles color sand as the surface layer, with strong weather resistance acrylic emulsion base adhesive and surface glue, so that color stone metal tile with high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance characteristics.

Color stone tile advantages:
1, light quality
Stone metal tile size is 1340mm*420mm, an area of 0.48 square meters, but the weight is only about 0.28kg, in our concrete structure, light steel structure and wood structure of the roof can be used, will not increase the burden on the roof.

2. Waterproof and leakproof
Color stone metal tile sand particles after anti-static treatment, the roof is not easy to accumulate ash and form obvious stains, even in the long-term rain conditions will not accumulate water stains, after rain wash will appear more clean and bright, more not conductive.

3, beautiful appearance, convenient installation
Color stone metal tile tile type and color choice are more, there are 1340mm*420mm small tile size, there are also 970mm* customized length of large tile, tile type choice compared with other tile types more, there are 15 color choices.

4, strong weather resistance, resistance to natural disasters and bad weather
Color stone metal tile with aluminum plated zinc steel plate anticorrosive, in coastal areas, as well as the perennial high temperature and low temperature in bad weather and other places can be used normally. It's not gonna get crushed by hail, it's not gonna get knocked over by storms.

5, long service life

Stone metal tile service life can reach more than 50 years, compared with other resin tile and asphalt tile life is currently relatively long.